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Kicker conspiracy

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Sorry there hasn’t been much in the way of new content of late, we have all been too enthralled in the country’s political wrangles to actually write anything.

These are strange times indeed, as someone probably wrote once, but seeing as we steal everyone else’s stuff (hello Conn) no one will notice if we’ve nicked that phrase either.

We are now once again being ruled by the true establishment. The ruling classes have taken their rightful places at the top table of power and we should all be preparing for a proper dry bumming. Don’t be fooled by Clegg, he is as public schoolboy tainted as the toff with the top job. It’s no coincidence that pictures of the Queen beaming brightly upon meeting Cam the man were released yesterday. The first time such has happened in history. She was chuffed to be giving permission to one of her own to form a government.

In the meantime if you need a break from the really serious business, then you could do worse than read AFLM:SPG issue three. There’s 44 pages of loveliness for you to ingest and all for just £2. Proceeds go towards the funding of Manchester’s first true community football ground, which will hopefully be built in Newton Heath, where Manchester United was born.

There is an exclus…(oh go on) interview with Adam Brown from the FC United board, about the plans for the ground at Ten Acres Lane. Mike Duff remembers the Manchester Martyrs and some poor kid who was hung in Newton Heath. Twomowers makes us all cry with his tale of a trip to Ipswich with his dad in the 1970s and Duns says goodbye to his beloved adopted city. There’s contributions from Talkative Chris, John Darwin, Stu Brennan and Fletchermoss among others and music is covered past and presently by Midjmo Matt, Scott and The Doc. It will take you longer than morning break to read it. That’s unless you’re some kind of Rain Man.

To get hold of copies call in at the Working Class Movement Library,
51 The Crescent, Salford, M5 4WX. Ask for Lynette and she will sort you out, so to speak. Alternatively email us at: content@afinelung.com and we will try and come up with a way of posting one out. Issue two is also still available, but issue one sold out within about 10 minutes.

Viva la Proletariat

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