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Issue number three – a push to 6.2 Acre Lane

Submitted by on April 21, 2010 – 8:44 pm3 Comments

The new, third issue of ‘A fine lung’ is out this week and will be sold at FC United’s home match against Matlock Town on Saturday. The two previous issues have raised a thousand pounds towards that coal fire of happiness that we stand a chance of building in east central Manchester.

This new issue hopes to add another £500 to that total. We print 500 copies. We sell 500 copies. Production costs are a pound a copy. They are sold for a totally reasonable, 44 page football magazine price of £2. The result? £500. Simple FC United of Manchester economics.

And for that you get to read some of the – and I’m going to be immodest on their behalf here – best football/non-football twaddleologists around. A busy bulk of writers with ‘A fine lung’ were/are writers from United’s two main fanzines, helping to build those publications to where they are now and the football regard they are held in.

In short, at our little non-league club we still box at premier league standards when it comes to football-related written analysis. That is fine, nationwide recognition. We are proud United fans who have helped build the written word in other publications and have now come together as a not-for-profit Manchester writers’ co-operative to produce ‘A fine lung’. Aww, the simplicity and loveliness of when good women and men get together.

Many of you will have grown up with the writers in ‘A fine lung’ over the last twenty years reading their work. They’re now here and they’re now yours to claim as your own. Reds from the first Steering Committee, reds from the Board writing in a personal capacity, new, young writers of equal worth all coming together in a big pan of peace and prosperity.

I’d buy this issue for the picture on the front alone. It’s a beautiful/heartbreaking piece of Manchester’s hidden history brought back to breathe again. There are, as stated, page after page of red writers discussing wildly varying topics from the importance of books to the virtues of finger smelling. And whilst on the subject of finger smelling there’s also a four page exclusive with Board member Aaron Brown about the graft/skill/luck/courage/tenacity/anadins that went into the long, five year fight to get that ground announcement.

If you’re not moved by this new issue then I fear for your senses. I cried at least twice. Then again I am a little girl’s blouse. It evens itself out though as I also lost a testicle laughing. Get it, it’s yours. Not my lost testicle but ‘A fine lung’. Hurry up as the first two issues sold out. The selling of all copies had nothing to do with our sellers at the ground as they’re a bit on the slack side, so feel free to poke them with a stick if they’re asleep. Read it, then consider writing for it?

‘A Manchester Benobo’ and ‘One day we’re going home’ – the first two editorials from the first two editions of ‘A fine lung’ can be found on our electrical sister site at www.afinelung.com.

Fraternally yours,

A fine lung. Manchester: Spirit, patience, gentleness.


  • midjmo says:

    FC beaten 3-2 by Ashton United at Gigg Lane tonight (Wednesday).
    1-0 up turned to 3-1 down.
    Red goals scored by Phil Marsh and Ben Deegan. Crowd an impressive (for a midweeker) 1,624.
    Matlock at Gigg Lane on Saturday – 3pm kick off. Under-18s get in for freemans.
    There’s no Course You Can Malcolm but there’s some kind of Course You Can Rupert going on instead.
    AFLM:SPG will be on sale from early doors. Not from Faz though, cos he’s snided off to Red Issue.
    Forrest won’t be there even if he gets back to England in time. He’s getting married. Congratulations Fozzer, have a nice day and that.

  • blackleg says:

    I think you will find that his name is ADAM, not Aaron – this is something that a YTS journalist could get right – if you want the board names try looking in the programme, you berk.

  • midjmo says:

    I thought it was ‘Alan’. We really need to get to the bottom of this. Great spotting Blackers

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