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The EDL’s True Colours

Submitted by on March 22, 2010 – 8:04 pmNo Comment

The EDL labours the point that they’re not a fascist group and that they’re only interesting in defending Britain. They have a fundamental problem – the law of averages. Sadly for them, if you put enough dickheads together and give them a simple message, such as don’t say or do anything that’ll make it easy for the watching world to label us racist, the law of averages is going to dictate that said dickheads are going to find it hard not to show their true colours, as the video of their Birmingham rally below demonstrates.

The group were allowed to go ahead with their march in Bolton on Saturday 20th March having taken it upon themselves to cancel one planned a fortnight before because it clashed with a Hindu festival. Someone had obviously pointed out the PR implications even though the EDL will probably stick to the line that they have no problems with Hindus because they’re not “imposing” their religion on Britain like those Muslims. Make your own mind up as to what the EDL stands for by clicking on the link below. It is an excellent piece of video journalism that is cleverly cut in places but leaves the viewer in no doubt as to what this group represents.

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