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Course you can…

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It is a sign of how bad things are at United that many reading this morning’s Guardian would barely have shrugged their shoulders. Released yesterday, the club’s figures indicate that the Glazers loaded the club with an additional £20m last year, half of which was paid in “management and administration fees”. The rest, it would seem, was divided up between six members of the Glazer family on the board of Red Football, borrowings which the Guardian claims ”does not have to be repaid for five years”.

So that explains where a quarter of the Ronaldo money went. Judging by his comments in the same newspaper over the weekend, it would appear that SAF is sat on the rest just waiting for the right players to come along. Well, the rest minus the cost of knitting that large woolen veil that’s being pulled over our eyes as part of mankinds greatest ever PR failure.
The magnitude of United’s money problems is almost lost many Reds I speak to, not because they don’t understand the financial workings of the club and it’s associated vultures, but because they’ve accepted the innevitable implosion and have become immune to the ridiculous ways in which the Glazers have been defended by certain high-profile figures. It is however heart-warming to see that there’s some momentum building at last and here’s hoping that those planning to make their feelings known on Warwick Road are backed by thousands of others influenced by the stark reality that United’s condition is getting ever more critical.

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